Sunday, April 28, 2013

Discovery/Late to the Game

Tonight, I discovered that the Gameboy color is NOT backlit and therefore I cannot play Pokemon Red in bed until I am ready to pass out. This is very sad.

For those of you who are facepalming wondering HOW did I NOT know that, let me explain. I was a "late blooming" gamer. Growing up I was a book/theater/tv show nerd. I never got into games. That was my brother's thing. Although I did enjoy playing donkey kong. And some games on the computer (dig dug and Carmen Sandiego mostly). But I did not have a personal gaming device until a (now ex) boyfriend bought me a DS. I still have it. Somewhere. I played some games on it but never got into it much. Til now.

The other day my boyfriend brought some old game systems and games for Coil 2 to play while he was in the hospital. Out of curiosity I picked up one and started playing Pokemon red. I am now a bit interested in seeing where this is going. I am not hating it as I thought I would.

I now want to give Legend of Zelda another try. My boyfriend may not fully realize what monster he may have created.

Also: getting a bedside light soon to fix this Gameboy at night dilemma.

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