Friday, September 10, 2010

Passions of the Geek

One of the things I have noticed about many "geeks" is that we are very passionate people. Our passion I think is part of the geekness. Our passion is what drives us to pour over a comic series and then wait in anticipation for the next issue. Same with certain TV series. It is what drives us to wait in lines for hours for a con or a new movie or game. Geek passion is a driving force of unlimited power. Case in point: Serenity. Or how about The Walking Dead??? Season One has not even begun to air yet, and already they are on board for a Season Two.

So what is my point? For me, my geek passions have led me to carry some geekesqe torches for some (quite a few in fact). Torches that my boyfriend, who is not nearly as geeky as I (on a geek scale of 1 to 10, he is a 2, maybe 3 while I am more a 7 or 8) finds amusing.

Okay. Side note. As an adult, it kinda feels weird saying the term "boyfriend". For his privacy purposes, I am going to rename him Simon. He is most definitely the Simon to my Kaylee (a reference I will have to explain to him as NOT my dog....see what I mean about the 2 or 3...)And this is Simon and Kaylee AFTER they stopped dancing around the issue (which is also appropriate for the reference).

Okay. So Simon, not so geeky. Which is probably why he finds my geek-crushes amusing. Like I said, there are quite a few. However, I have decided, as things progress with Simon, I will ceremonially "extinguish" these torches. While I will never stop enjoying what these people bring to my world. My "love" for them, will be redirected. As I extinguish these torches, I would like to share with you my reasons for why I had a torch for them in the first place.

So the official list, from most loved to lesser is:
Alan Tudyk; Robert Gibbs; Christopher Eccleston; David Tennant; Nathan Fillion; Wil Wheaton; Rachel Maddow; Orson Scott Card; Joss Whedon; Jim Parsons; Jeff Lewis; Anthony Stewart Head; John Oliver; Stephen King; John Hodgman with honorable mention of NPH and John Barrowman (torches I need not worry about for obvious reasons)

So.....we begin with #15...John Hodgman.

Dear John,
You are crazy smart. I find your books amusing and informative. Your deadpan humor and sarcasm speaks to me in a way I thought no man could. Somehow you pull off the suit and combed over slicked hair in a way that works. However, I must let you go. I have met someone wonderful and so I am moving on from you and while that is sad, in a way it is fitting. Because, dear John, I am a Mac. :)

Phew. I hope the poor guy takes it well ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Alive!!!!

The good news.....I was not taken over by zombies or some crazy spirit haunting my home (although....kinda sure there is one or two here.....) Just been extremely busy with all sorts of fun stuff. Which leads to more good news.....more blogging subjects. Soon to come: Raising Geek Children (on purpose), The great derby name debate (slutty or geeky), Why I love it when my BF has equally geeky friends (but doesn't out geek me....), Zombie Education sounds awesome!, and Why I love The Guild/Legend of Neil so damn much.

Just some thoughts that have been running around in my head :) Once things calm down a bit I will be back....back with nuclear weapons!!! (Ohhh....another idea.....great geek films of the 80's......oh so many.....oh so many.....)