Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work In Progress

So.....crap hit the fan. Hard. And as I rise from the ashes like a phoenix, I bring with me new plumage. Soon to be added: Pissed off rants (usually about dumb stuff politicians do to raise my blood pressure); either a podcast or a videocast of sorts; and more on derby and geeky and all sorts of good stuff. Only three more months until The Avengers is out! Oh, and a new obsession. The Nerdist and Dead Authors Podcast. Okay...technically that is two. But seeing as they are BOTH podcasts, they are grouped in the same order. Or class. Family??? Kangaroos Playing Chess On Fat Gorilla's Stomachs?? Anyone....anyone??? :) <3 Shooting for bi-weekly postings to begin with. We will see what happens.

For now...let us all be happy in the fact that right now nerds and geeks are being catered too more so now then they ever have. I first heard this from Rachel Maddow.....the GEEK shall inherit the Earth :)

Oh....and I am STILL mad at NASA....(Pluto IS a planet DAMMIT!!!!)

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