Saturday, October 16, 2010

Potpourri - Geek Girl Scent

Oh my it has been awhile. Quite a few things going on to share :) Let us begin!!

Kids: After giving me many a tour of the local hospital, they are both FINALLY all better. Pretty sure my nerves will never be the same. However, as much as they test my stress levels, they also make me giggle and smile over their budding geekness. The older one, already a big Doctor Who fan, has now gotten into Torchwood (yay!). Being that he is almost ten, unfortunately, the more risky scenes he is now getting.....not to mention all the same sex make out sessions (LOVE BBC's openness! Seriously...I am happy I can expose him to such positive tolerance on the issue). As I write this he is also watching the newest Star Trek movie in awe.....awesome!! Will have to start exposing him to older Star Trek (he already is way into Star we are good there :) )

NOW the younger one.....really resisted the Doctor Who movement....which lead him to be a bit of an out cast when it came to family TV time......but he has come around. He has a few favorite episodes, I am hopeful that he will go full geek on this one soon......well at least more geek than he is now......he may never be as geeky as me and his brother, but I will take what I can get :)

Derby: Is kicking my ass. We are now in pre-season training mode. From what I hear EVERYONE is going at full tilt....which is good. I did officially choose a derby name. I choose Tesla Tussle (for the big fight between Tesla and Edison). I am excited about it. More so when I meet people who KNOW who Tesla is.....which is rare :( However, the boyfriend's dad got it....which makes me REALLY happy!

Speaking of "Simon"......: things there are going very I think it is time to knock the list down to ten. That means numbers 11-14.....I must say goodbye. Because there are four, I am gonna make this short and sweet :)

14. Steven King: I love the way your mind works. What you did with the mini-van that hit you was priceless. However, you are losing your talent in your old age....but I will always remember you and your early work fondly.

13. John Oliver: You are British, always a plus. You are hilarious, another plus. However, you must go. You are scrawny and your teeth are a bit funny.

12. Anthony Stewart Head: You are also British. And you are the most awesome school librarian ever! However, Buffy is over. Has been for years. And so this is over too.

11. Jeff Lewis: Cannot wait for the next season of The Guild.....but I will no longer be watching it to just stare at your balding head lovingly. *sigh*

So.....that is four down, ten to go.....the next five I imagine will be easy.....the last five......they will be around for a while....and Alan....oh Alan.....I am still waiting, for now.....

The Walking Dead: The tv show will be premiering soon (15 days!!!!) and I am SUPER EXCITED! Almost bouncy we get closer, I will get bouncier....bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy!!!!

My geek moment: I went into the comic book shop and when I asked what I was looking for the guy said "I figured you were looking for that" awesome is THAT!! Comic book shop guy recognizes and remembers me!!!

I think that is all.....for we get closer to Christmas, there will be all sorts of fun technology news of cool stuff coming I will have that to go on about.....still holding my breath for iphone to go to Verizon........